Our Work

Little Wonders

Those who did not have any normal placement have started in english medium. They have learned writting and speaking in English. Many have reached grade level in less than a year. These sincere young children if neglected they might turn angry towords society.

Instead, they have the chance to grow up with love, education and a future.


Laalana identifies the boys and girls of tender age who are the neglected by the society. We work with each child to help them set targets to achieve their maximum potential . Realistic action oriented plans are put in place to meet their basic needs including food, clothing, and education and most important a peaceful environment to grow up. Laalana takes every care to transform every child inti ideal citizens who will become the role models of society.

Cultural Activities

Our organization have conducted cultural programmes to promote culture for the rural communities of two Mandals of Ranga Reddy districts of A.P  and street plays have been arranged to teach the villagersof the evils of alcohol, child marriages ( early marriages) and the dowry system. the said programmes have benefited nearly 300 people of these mandals.

We have conducted cultural programmes basing on folk-arts in the rural areas of two mandals namely at Ongole and Tangutur towns. Street plays  have been organized to teach moral stories depicting the evils of alcohol, child marriages and eradication of dowry system. These programme have benefited nearly 200 people of there areas.

We have also stressed  the importance of literacy and advised the people to saved their children to the school and be educated no that  they can lead their happily and after seen ring jobs and live in the society as equal future citizens of the society.


In the present set up, from primary education to completion of higher studies, it is very essential to have kind people who arewilling to donate funds to help the children. Destitute and orphans long of love, compassion, and warmth and of course, financial support. we invite your sponsorship to help us.